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April 2014 Archives

Former actress seeking appeal in fatal motor vehicle accident

It's easy to think of the American justice system as dispensing justice in the classic criminal justice sense of the word. Just the mention of that phrase conjures up images of convicts in black and white stripped pajamas locked in small cells behind iron bars. There is also a less dramatic form of justice, a form of punishment which might not seem as severe but can certainly teach someone a lesson. That type of justice can be found in civil lawsuits for monetary damages. A recent case involving a fatal motor vehicle accident in New Jersey illustrates this point well.

Aggressive driving results in 1 death, 2 criminal indictments

In recent years, stories about car accidents caused by aggressive drivers have made headlines across the county. When aggressive driving escalates, it’s commonly referred to as road-rage and drivers, who engage in aggressive driving behaviors, put their lives and those of other drivers and passengers at risk of suffering serious injuries and even death.

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