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Holding motorists accountable for preventable pedestrian crashes

Take a moment to consider the inherent imbalance of the average crosswalk anywhere throughout the state. It is there, between two thin lines painted onto the asphalt, where New Jersey pedestrians are expected to entrust the safety of their lives and limbs to anonymous motorists. This happens thousands of times each day with nothing more than a stop sign or traffic light to separate pedestrians from cars trucks and SUVs that weigh several tons on average.

New Jersey legislators and safety officials realize that imbalance and attempt to pass and enforce laws geared towards reducing vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents. If you have been following our online blog, you may recall a previous article where we discussed the penalties for New Jersey motorists who fail to come to a complete stop before making right turns. Those violators could face $200 fines, plus court costs.

Despite those measures, the fact remains that many motorists are simply too engaged in other activities while they are operating their vehicles. Cellphones, GPS navigational devices and satellite radios are just some of the electronic devices that constantly draw the focus of some drivers away from looking out for pedestrians.

Still, other motorists are hampered as a result of their consumption of alcohol or drugs. These drivers may be so focused on simply avoiding other cars that they may not even be aware of pedestrians walking in their proximity.

Regardless of the reason, vehicle operators have a duty to exercise reasonable care when they are behind the wheel. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, there are a few things you should know. Most importantly, you need someone in your corner who knows the law and will hold drivers responsible for preventable pedestrian accidents. You also need to know that some municipalities who failed to properly maintain pedestrian crosswalks and their approaches may also have some liability for your accident.

Based in Jersey City, our law firm has over 150 combined years of legal experience representing injured clients in Hudson County and throughout New Jersey. We go after negligent motorists as well as government entities and hold them accountable for what happens inside of dangerous intersections. Prospective clients should know that they can visit with us to discuss their cases free of charge for their initial consultations. Our firm also supports Spanish-speaking clients.

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