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New Jersey advancing plans to ban powdered alcohol

On June 11, the New Jersey Senate's Law and Public Safety Committee made a critical first move to keep a new type of alcohol powder out of the hands of citizens. The Committee voted in favor to approve Senate bill S2846 in a unanimous 5-0 decision. The bill would effectively prohibit the sale of powdered alcohol throughout the state.

Proponents of the bill argued that the legislation is necessary because the inherent qualities of powdered alcohol lends itself to potential abuse. For example, the composition of powdered alcohol makes it lightweight, easily concealable and easy to transport into places where alcoholic beverages are not permitted or are restricted to adults. Those in favor of the bill also say that consumers can snort the powder, which can be significantly more concentrated than alcohol found in liquid form.

Opponents of the measure argue that the relatively lightweight of powdered alcohol is one of its greatest assets. They argue that powdered alcohol allows hikers, campers and others who don't want to carry additional weight to enjoy a drink once they arrive at their destinations.

So far, 13 states have completely banned the sale of powdered alcohol. Another three states have placed temporary, one-year bans on the substance. The measure is still awaiting a full vote in both the Senate and Assembly before the governor will have an opportunity to sign it.

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Source: True Jersey, "Ban on powdered alcohol approved by N.J. Senate panel," Matt Freidman, June 11, 2015

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