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Adequate driver safety training and delivery truck accidents

Many of us take for granted the role that commercial delivery trucks play in modern society whenever we order goods online. The task of completing the final delivery of those goods to our homes usually falls to smaller delivery trucks that belong to many of the larger package shipping companies.

Beginning in 1952, professional driver's safety training courses began teaching the nation's delivery truck drivers how to develop and practice safe driving techniques in an effort to reduce traffic collisions. Today, UPS is the world's largest deliverer of commercial packages. That company has implemented some of those techniques which it calls the "Five Seeing Habits." Here are some of those techniques UPS says improves overall driver safety throughout its organization:

-- UPS drivers are encouraged to look far down the road as they travel in order to spot potential developing problems.

-- UPS drivers are encouraged to maintain safe following distances between their delivery trucks and vehicles around them.

-- Drivers are told to always keep scanning the road rather than maintaining a fixed stare while driving. Keeping the eyes moving constantly is a good way for drivers to spot problems as they occur.

-- Drivers are trained to anticipate what they might do in the event of a sudden accident involving other vehicles. They are expected to always imagine how to swerve or leave the road to prevent further harm.

-- Drivers are trained to always attempt some form of communication with other drivers around them using their horns, signal lights and even through eye contact in an effort to make other drivers aware of their presence.

There are a few things you should know if you have been injured in an accident with a delivery truck. Despite the best intentions of some companies, there are other delivery truck driving companies that do not ensure that their drivers receive adequate training. New Jersey laws allow victims of preventable commercial delivery truck accidents to sue drivers and the companies who employ them for compensation in some cases.

A personal injury attorney with experience in delivery truck accidents can review the circumstances of your accident and determine whether a civil lawsuit may be warranted in your situation. Depending on that determination, you may be able to recover the costs of your medical expenses and any time that you may have missed from work.

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