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Are smartphones causing more pedestrian accidents?

For years, the number of pedestrian accidents at least stayed the same. Some years, it even went down. Then, in 2010, a shift started. The numbers began to go back up again.

Some experts think that the blame should rest, at least in part, on a piece of very common technology: the smartphone.

It has been hard for experts to get solid data about this that can be listed out in charts and figures. However, they do say they encounter more and more stories about pedestrians who are hit in accidents that involve cellphones.

Some of these are caused by the drivers. People who text and drive are far less attentive to the road. Even those who talk on the phone can have their attention divided. Much has been done lately to get rid of this type of distracted driving, with laws popping up all over the country that make it illegal.

Some of the accidents, though, can be caused by pedestrians. There are also stories of people walking into the road, not realizing a car was coming, and being hit. They have a hard time paying attention to traffic and being aware of what's going on around them.

Naturally, even if the pedestrians contributed to the accidents, it doesn't mean the fault is on them alone in every case. If a driver is speeding and hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk, that driver could be to blame, even if the pedestrian didn't see or hear the car and made no effort to get out of the way -- as someone without a smartphone may have done.

The link here is interesting to note in both cases, and people in New Jersey have to know their legal rights after such an accident.

Source: Washington Post, "Safety experts to pedestrians: Put the smartphones down and pay attention," Katherine Shaver, accessed Sep. 30, 2015

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