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Children's behavior can lead to pedestrian accidents

Adults always tell children to look in each direction before crossing the road. However, studies have shown that children still exhibit identifiable behaviors that can cause pedestrian accidents.

One thing that children do is simply overlook hazards. When adults may notice dangers, such as a car that appears to be speeding to turn through a yellow light, children often miss the same signs. This doesn't mean that they are at fault in the accidents, but simply that they don't perceive as much as adults and may not take the same steps to avoid dangerous situations.

Researchers noted that some children would stay out of the road for too long, lingering near the curb. Though this kept them safe, it spoke to the trouble they had seeing when it was safe to go across the road.

As a result, researchers suggest that different age groups should be trained differently when it comes to how they approach traffic. Clearly, not all pedestrians are going to see the road the same way, so they need to be trained based on their specific abilities.

One expert who started this type of training then tested the children who had taken it and compared the results to those who had not. As expected, the children with training to overcome their deficiencies were better at approaching traffic.

As noted above, children can still be injured or even killed in accidents that are not their fault simply because they do not know the rules of the road or recognize all of the dangers, and this doesn't shift the blame to those children. Family members still need to know what legal options they have after accidents in New Jersey.

Source: Science Daily, "Child-pedestrian behaviors that lead to auto accidents," accessed Feb. 22, 2016

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