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Children are in serious danger from drunk drivers

Tragically, children lose their lives in drunk driving accidents every year. According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, roughly half of these children are in cars that are hit by drunk drivers. The other half are actually passengers in the cars while the drivers are intoxicated.

MADD argues that this is a form of child endangerment because the children are not being given proper care. As such, this could be looked at as child abuse. Naturally, this perspective can hold true both when children are killed in accidents and when they are simply injured.

Many states have recognized that this is a problem, and 43 of them—along with the District of Columbia—have extra penalties that can be tacked on if someone is given a DUI when one of the passengers is a child. This is true in New Jersey, as well, though the charges aren't quite as strict as they are in other states—like New York, where a driver can be given a felony.

No matter the severity of the charges, though, these laws simply underscore the fact that drunk drivers endanger children in multiple ways every day. Have you lost a child in an accident where you were hit by a drunk driver, or was your child injured? Similarly, has your child been injured or killed while riding with someone else who was intoxicated?

If so, it's incredibly important for you to look into all of your own legal options. You may be able to seek compensation for the child's medical bills, pain and suffering, funeral costs, your own loss of companionship, and many other things.

Source: MADD, "Child Endangerment," accessed April 08, 2016

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