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Injuries can become more clear as time goes by

Some car accident injuries are fairly clear right when the wreck happens, but don't make the mistake of thinking that all injuries work the same way. The full extent of some will become more clear as time goes by.

For example, some people don't even know they have whiplash right away. It's not until the stiffness and pain have refused to go away for a few days that they realize what happened.

With brain injuries and paralysis, it often takes time just to see if the injuries are going to persist. For example, a mild brain injury like a concussion can make you feel dizzy, confused and nauseated right after the accident, but that usually clears up in a few days. Some people, though, have dealt with concussion symptoms for months or even years. The same can be true with paralysis, as temporary paralysis may heal in time, but the paralysis could also be permanent, meaning you'll never regain a full range of motion.

Injuries that often fall into this category include injuries that damage the spinal cord and trauma to the neck and head.

As you can imagine, knowing the full extent of the injury really plays into the type of compensation that you need. There's a huge difference in need if you are just going to miss work for two weeks and recover completely, compared to an injury that is going to require life-long care and that means you'll never work again.

If you'd like to know more about your legal options in either case, please take a look at our site today, and we'll be glad to answer your questions about the laws in New Jersey.

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