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Are you in more danger of accidents in the city?

When you drive through the city, as opposed to the country, it's easy to feel like you're in a lot more danger. There are far more vehicles, no one has as much space -- especially the trucks -- and it feels like there could be an accident at every turn.

However, according to some studies, you're actually safer in the city. The study found that death in an auto accident, like a truck accident, was twice as common if you were out in the country, as opposed to the deadly accident rates in the city.

A stat like that is hard to ignore. If it was just slightly higher, you may be able to wave it off, but the rate is doubled in the country. Clearly, no matter how you feel driving in the city, you're not in as much danger. The stats tell the story.

One thing that's worth noting is that speed could play a big role here. Many city streets only allow you to go 25 miles an hour. If you are hit by a semi that is also doing 25 miles per hour, you can be hurt or killed. However, the odds of dying in that type of accident are far lower than if you were hit by the same truck in the country, on the interstate. There, the truck may hit you at 65 miles per hour.

This indicates that the odds of an accident could go up in the city, but there are going to be far more minor accidents. The country may have less traffic and fewer accidents, but those that do happen could be vastly more dangerous.

After a truck accident in New Jersey, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, damage to your vehicle, and more.

Source: Red Orbit, "Cities Are Actually Safer Than Rural Areas, Says Study," Brett Smith, accessed May 20, 2016

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