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The extreme vulnerability of pedestrians

You may not think about the danger you're in when taking your dog for a walk or walking to the local ice cream shop, but the stats don't lie: Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable around roads, and they are frequently injured.

Some studies have shown that about 430 people end up in the emergency room for traffic injuries—when they were pedestrians, not drivers or passengers—every single day. Every two hours, one person is killed in such an accident. So, if you're reading this at nine in the morning, by the time you leave work at five, four people will have been killed.

Naturally, far more people are injured than killed. In 2013, for example, over 156,000 people suffered nonfatal injuries and ended up in the emergency room. In the same year, 735 people were killed.

There are some trends to pay attention to. For example, pedestrian death rates actually tend to go up with age. While parents are always worried about children running into traffic—and they should be—this stat shows that children may not be injured as much as teens and adults.

That being said, experts do note that the risk is still greater for kids who are hit because they are smaller. They also don't have as much experience with traffic, and they aren't as good at judging speed and distance. Therefore, a 25-year-old man may take a glancing blow while trying to move, for instance, while a 3-year-old would not be able to get out of the way and may make no effort to do so.

Have you been hurt in such an accident in New Jersey? Has a child of yours been injured? In either case, you may be able to seek compensation if the driver was at fault.

Source: CDC, "Walk This Way! Taking Steps for Pedestrian Safety," accessed June 16, 2016

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