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Style of pay could impact truck driver speed

The way that a truck driver is paid could play a big role in how fast he or she decides to drive. This is very important to note, considering the role that speeding can play in accidents.

Some truck drivers, especially local drivers, are paid an hourly wage. This actually could encourage them to drive slower, as experts note that doing so means they would make more money for the same amount of work. If it takes a driver four hours to get a job done, instead of three, and the driver is being paid $25 per hour, he or she will make $100 instead of $75, all by cutting back on the speed.

For drivers who are paid by the mile, though, the opposite could be true, and a driver could be encouraged to speed. If he or she has to cover 100 miles and will be paid $0.50 per mile, the driver knows that the most that can be earned on the trip is $50. If the driver goes 50 miles per hour and and it takes two hours to cover the distance, he or she is earning $25 per hour. If the driver goes 75 mph, though, the trip will be completed in roughly one hour and twenty minutes. This means that the driver will have earned over $37 per hour.

Additionally, a driver who is paid by the mile and gets the job done sooner may then be able to pick up another job and get more done, thus earning more money, whereas the driver being paid by the hour will make the same as long as he or she is on the clock for the same amount of time.

If a truck driver is speeding in order to earn more, and then the driver causes an accident in which you're injured, you need to know how to seek compensation.

Source: Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips, "Truck Speed: Impact of Maximum Speed on Travel Time, Driver Pay," accessed Aug. 08, 2016

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