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Fog can be one of the most dangerous driving conditions

Even though we deal with virtually every sort of inclement weather there is here in New Jersey, fog can be one of the most dangerous conditions for drivers. For the truck drivers who use our state's turnpikes and interstates, foggy conditions can present serious hazards, both to them and to others on the road.

While many types of weather are predictable, fog can come out of nowhere. If drivers don't respond accordingly, the results can be catastrophic.

When encountering fog, truck drivers need to turn on all of their lights to ensure that they are seen by other drivers and that they can see. However, they shouldn't turn on their brights. Low beam lights actually penetrate dense fog better.

Slowing down is an important rule of thumb for all drivers, but particularly truckers. It's essential to be prepared for traffic in front of you that you may not see until the last minute. This can also help you be prepared in case someone ahead of you stops suddenly. You should never drive so fast that you can't see what's in front of you.

Driving straight can be a challenge in dense fog. That's why it's helpful to use the road lines to guide you. This may be more effective that just looking straight ahead (although you should do that also).

If conditions are so bad that you can't see, pull over at the nearest truck stop or rest area -- not on the side of the road. When pulling off the road, as well as when changing lanes, using your hazard lights helps others see what your intentions are.

Whether you're driving a truck or a smaller vehicle, it's essential to watch out for trucks during foggy conditions. If you are involved in a crash with a truck driver who was driving negligently or recklessly, you may be able to seek compensation from the trucking company, the driver and/or others responsible for the truck. An experienced New Jersey attorney who handles personal injury cases can provide guidance.

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