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Pedestrians are injured every 7 minutes

Distracted driving is obviously dangerous, but who hasn't texted while walking? It's incredibly common. Researchers warn that it can also be incredibly dangerous.

For example, Stony Brook University carried out a study to see how likely it was that people who were texting and walking would wander off of a straight line. They then compared that to how many people veered off line when they weren't texting. What they discovered was that, while it happened for both groups, those who were texting were 60 percent more likely to do it.

Veering off line in some situations may result in minor incidents, like tripping and falling into a fountain at the mall or accidentally walking directly into a wall -- both events that have been caught on camera.

The danger, though, is when this happens around traffic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that thousands of people are killed while walking -- 5,000 in 2012 alone -- every year. Moreover, another 76,000 were hurt that year. If you run the numbers out, it means someone died in a pedestrian accident every two hours, while pedestrians were injured at an incredible rate of one every seven minutes.

Certainly, these aren't all because of texting, but the stats show that pedestrians are certainly a high-risk group. That risk simply rises if they're distracted, veering around, and not watching the traffic near them.

With a pedestrian being hurt every seven minutes, the odds that you'll be injured are high, whether or not you're distracted. This could leave you facing high medical bills, and it's important to know your potential rights to compensation.

Source:, "Distracted Walking a Major Pedestrian Safety Concern," accessed July 13, 2017

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