7 terrifying drunk driving statistics

It’s easy to get complacent. You’ve heard many times that drunk driving is deadly. You know it’s a risk. After a while, though, you start to forget just how bad it is.

While this is normal, it’s also dangerous. People must realize what a threat drunk driving poses if it’s ever going to stop. To help, here are seven frightening facts:

  • No other single factor causes more deadly accidents in the United States, according to some studies.
  • On average, a DUI accident takes a life every 51 minutes.
  • Injuries are far more common. Someone is hurt in a DUI crash every two minutes.
  • Two-thirds of Americans, over the course of their lives, will be affected by a drunk driving accident. Some will be hurt, others will be killed, some will be the drunk drivers, and others will lose family members.
  • Drugged driving is also common. Counting legal and illegal drugs, one study found that 25 percent of people were operating their cars with drugs in their system that may impact their abilities.
  • When looking at teen accidents, a full 25 percent involve drunk drivers who are also under the legal drinking age.
  • Nothing kills more teenagers every year than car accidents. Nothing.

The risk is there for everyone. Even with just your daily commute, you spend hours on the road every week. If you add in any leisure travel, the risk increases. With how common drunk driving is, you’re probably around far more drunk drivers than you realize. If one hits you, be sure you know your rights to financial compensation for medical bills and more.

Source: New Jersey Mothers Against Drunk Driving, “The problem,” Matt Cole, accessed Dec. 01, 2017

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