Everyone who works in the construction industry understands how dangerous it can be. While accidents can happen even when precautions have been taken, the sad truth is that many construction accidents are preventable or due to employer negligence. Here are some tips for avoiding accidents on the job!

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Safety Training

injured construction worker laying on the ground being helped by a co-worker. One of the most important aspects of on-the-job safety for construction workers is adequate training and education. Health and safety policies should be reviewed and updated regularly, and no employees should operate any tools or equipment that they are not qualified to use. If your employer is encouraging employees to take shortcuts with safety or pressuring inexperienced employees to use equipment with which they are unfamiliar and untrained on, it may be time to consult a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

Safety Meetings

Crew safety meetings are critical. Even with regular safety training, it’s beneficial to have routine safety meetings. These meetings allow your crew to review the work planned for the day, which is especially important if they will be beginning a new project or engaging in high-risk work. This will also give the supervisor a time to address any issues that have occurred in the past and remind the team to remain focused and vigilant. Giving job-specific safety information and sharing real-life are great motivators for following good safety practices.

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Protective Gear and Clothing

Always ensure that you’re wearing the recommended safety gear and clothing for the job you’re doing. Depending on the situation, recommended safety gear might include hard hats, eye protection, gloves, hi-vis clothing, and steel-toed shoes. Also, don’t forget about sun protection! It can be easy to be so focused on safety on the job that you forget to protect against the sun and heat. A wide brim hard hat, sunscreen, breathable clothing, and nape protectors can help.

Tidy Workspaces

All construction sites should do their best to maintain a workspace that is clear of debris and unsupervised tools and equipment. A cluttered work area can result in dangerous slips and falls. If your employer is not enforcing a tidy workspace, or worse, is actively encouraging employees to ignore these hazards, they may be running afoul of premises liability. This is a legal concept which refers to the property owner’s responsibility to maintain their property in a manner that could reasonably be considered safe.

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