Hudson County Child Support Attorneys

Hudson County Child Support Attorneys

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Divorce is a complex issue, however, oftentimes, it is the additional issues that arise out of a divorce that truly make it a complicated matter. One of those issues is child support. When divorcing spouses have a child together, the court will first determine child custody. Once child custody is determined, they will oftentimes have to work out a child support agreement as well, especially if the parent awarded child custody is unable to afford the child’s cost of care on their own.

When spouses cannot come to a support agreement on their own, a judge will have to decide for them. While the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines largely govern how child support is determined in New Jersey, courts will also consider a wide array of additional factors. For this very reason, it is critical that you retain the services of an experienced New Jersey family law attorney who can help you and your children receive the child support you deserve and need. Contact Greenberg & Walden, LLC today to learn more about how we can help you.

Factors that Impact NJ Child Support

If you and your spouse are going through the divorce process and, for whatever reason, the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines do not apply, New Jersey courts will have to consider various factors and determine your child support agreement from there. Some of the factors that New Jersey courts will consider are as follows:

  • The child custody arrangement you and your spouse currently have in place
  • Your child’s needs
  • You and your spouse’s earning capacity
  • You and your spouse’s age and health
  • The age and health of your child
  • Whether your child has any special needs
  • Whether your child is seeking higher education, such as college
  • Whether you or your spouse have any liabilities
  • You and your spouse’s standard of living
  • You and your spouse’s yearly income

Termination of Child Support

One of the most frequent questions our firm is asked is, “When can I stop paying child support in New Jersey?” The answer to this question largely depends on a wide array of circumstances, however, the general answer is that you may cease child support payments when your child is considered emancipated by the state of New Jersey. Generally, as long as your child graduates from high school, is capable of working, and does not wish to pursue higher education, he or she will be emancipated from the state. That being said, if your child does wish to attend higher education, whether it be a trade school or college on a full-time basis, that child will most likely not be emancipated until they graduate from that higher education. Of course, every situation is different, and to get the best idea of where your child stands as far as emancipation from child support goes, you must speak with an experienced New Jersey family law attorney.

College Education and Child Support Payments

Oftentimes, courts will decide that parents are, in fact, legally obligated to financially contribute to their child’s college education. Some of the factors they will consider when making this determination are as follows:

  • Whether financial aid is available to the child
  • The relationship both parents have with the child
  • How much financial assistance the child needs
  • How committed the child is to receive a higher education
  • Each parent’s financial means
  • The course of study the child will be enrolling in
  • Whether the child has any financial resources, such as a part-time job

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Child support is one of the most complex divorce-related matters, which is why if you are seeking child support payments in New Jersey, you must not wait another minute–contact our experienced West New York child support attorneys today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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