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Hudson County Product Liability Attorney

Product Liability Attorneys in West New York, NJ

When consumers purchase a product, there shouldn’t be a concern about all of the ways this product could cause yourself or your loved ones to become injured. Companies have a responsibility to ensure that products are safe before they become available to consumers. While most products have no issue, there are some that aren’t safe and cause their users to become seriously injured. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a defective product in New Jersey, it is important to consider your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation for the burdens you have faced as a result of the defective product. If you need an experienced attorney to represent you in a product liability matter, you can rely on the trusted services of Greenberg & Walden, LLC. Our firm has over 150 years of combined experience to help you obtain the justice you deserve. Contact us today.

Types of Product Liability Cases

If you have been injured because of a defective product and have made the decision to take legal action against the company, you will face the challenge of proving that the company’s negligence caused your injuries. This is referred to as fulfilling the burden of proof. There are three categories that product liability cases fall into.

  • Design Defects: A product that is not safely designed can cause a consumer to become seriously injured. An unsafe design can occur if the designer failed to account for safety during the initial product development phase. In a design defect case, the injured party is required to prove that there was a safer, more feasible, and equally practical design that would allow the product to maintain its intended function.
  • Manufacturer Defects: When the design of a product is determined to be safe, it is sent into production, known as manufacturing. If a manufacturer deviates from the approved design, the product may not be as safe as it should be and can ultimately cause a consumer to become seriously injured. In a manufacturer design case, the injured party must prove that there was a deviation from the sound design.
  • Failure to Warn: Even if a product is designed and manufactured as intended, it is important for the company to include clear warnings and instructions with the product to ensure user safety. Injuries can occur if a product is used incorrectly because there were not adequate labels or warnings about the potential dangers of the product. The company can be held accountable for failure to warn of any hazards when using the product.

Contact a Hudson County Product Liability Attorney

If you have been seriously injured by a defective product, it is important that you take your legal options into consideration. Since 1956, the attorneys at Greenberg & Walden, LLC have proudly represented clients who have been hurt by the negligence of others. Our firm is here to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. Contact our legal team today for strong legal representation when you need it most.

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