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Accidents happen on the job all the time, even in workplaces that don’t seem particularly risky. Whether it be on a construction site, in a retail store, or in an office, you are still at risk for injury. If you become injured at your workplace, your future may be in jeopardy if you are no longer able to perform the duties of your job. In most cases, safety precautions are taken in the workplace and everything is fine. However, if even the simplest factor is overlooked, an accident can happen and an employee can become injured. In most cases, employees who are injured on the job will be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits exist to support the worker until they are well enough to work again and to help the injured employee pay for their medical bills associated with the injury. Situations may also arise where a third party is responsible for the accident and legal action must be taken to achieve proper compensation. If you have been hurt on the job, it is important to consider your legal options. Greenberg & Walden LLC has over 150 years of combined experience representing those who have been hurt by the negligence of another party. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help.

Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

The vast majority of employees in New Jersey are typically covered by a special form of insurance known as workers’ compensation. If you get hurt on the job, you should notify your employer of your injuries and they can inform the insurance company that you have been injured. Your employer will determine which doctors you are permitted to see, so it is important to notify them as soon as possible so you can ensure your medical expenses will be covered.

Lawsuits Against a Third Party

Although employees in New Jersey are not permitted to sue their employer if injured on the job, they are permitted to bring a lawsuit against a third party if they were negligent. Third parties can include the property owner where work was being completed, manufacturers or designers of companies that provide tools, machinery, and safety equipment to workers, and more. If you do bring a lawsuit against a third party, it is important to be wary that the insurance company may be able to recover any money that you are awarded in that lawsuit.

Contact a Hudson County Workplace Accidents Attorney

If you have been injured at your place of employment in New Jersey, it is important that you take your legal options into consideration. Whether you need to file a workers’ compensation claim or make a claim against a third party, it is important that you consult with an experienced attorney. At Greenberg & Walden, LLC, we will use our combined 150 years of experience to give you the personalized attention you deserve. To schedule a consultation with our legal team, contact Greenberg & Walden, LLC today.

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