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Work-related injuries and occupational illnesses can leave workers with painful, debilitating physical damage. They can also generate significant financial stress, as medical bills pile up and missing work means lost earnings. In the aftermath of a work accident, pursuing a workers’ compensation claim can help injured workers obtain benefits to cover medical care and lost wages. Depending on the causes of the accident, they may also have other legal options for seeking financial recovery and justice. At Greenberg & Walden, LLC, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of all workers and helping them fight for the financial recoveries they deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a work accident or has been diagnosed with an occupational illness, we can help you seek full and fair compensation, guiding you through every step of the process. We are ready to provide you with honest answers and clear legal advice regarding your potential claim. Contact Greenberg & Walden, LLC to discuss your case.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Hurt on the Job?

If you have been hurt on the job, it is critical that you get emergency medical treatment if necessary. You should also be sure to report the accident or injury to the on-site authority as soon as possible. This report can be made to a supervisor or personnel office, and it can be done verbally or in writing. Additionally, you should ask your employer about which health care professionals you are allowed to see, as this is part of New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law. If you want the medical care to be covered by workers’ compensation benefits (and if the situation is not an emergency), the employer has the legal right to select the health care providers.

Do I Need To Prove Employer Negligence for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers who suffer on-the-job injuries or illnesses, regardless of whether they, an employer or a colleague was at fault, will not have to prove negligence in order to seek workers’ compensation benefits. This is due to New Jersey’s no-fault workers’ compensation system, which allows injured workers to seek benefits no matter who was at fault for their injuries. As part of this system, injured workers cannot file claims directly against the employer unless there was an intentional act.

What Type of Benefits Am I Entitled To?

Your benefits will depend on the nature and severity of your injury. Generally, however, these benefits cover reasonable and necessary medical treatment, as well as lost wages. Available benefits include:

  • Medical benefits to cover hospital expenses, doctors’ bills, medication costs, and other necessary treatments
  • Temporary disability benefits if the injury keeps a worker off the job for more than seven days. These benefits can be between 70 and 75 percent of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), and they are paid while someone is out of work and receiving medical care.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits if the injury involves the loss of a digit, appendage, organ, teeth, etc. The amount of these benefits will depend on the nature and severity of the disability.
  • Permanent total disability benefits if the injury prevents a worker from resuming any gainful employment. Permanent disability may also be presumed when a worker loses at least two major members of the body (like eyes, arms, legs and/or feet). Paid weekly, these benefits can also be between 70 and 75 percent of the SAWW.

In the event of fatal work accidents and injuries, dependents of the deceased worker can seek death benefits. These weekly benefits are 70 percent of the deceased worker’s weekly wage (not to exceed the maximum noted in the table below). These dependents can include a surviving spouse and biological children who lived in the decedent’s home when (s)he died.

Do I Have Any Other Options for Compensation?

If your work accident and injuries resulted from the negligence of some third party, you may also be able to file a personal injury claim. Third parties can include (and are not restricted to):

  • Subcontractors
  • Vendors
  • Building or property owners
  • Motorists

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you or someone you love has been hurt on the job, a workers’ compensation attorney at Greenberg & Walden, LLC is ready to explain your legal options and help you seek the compensation and justice you may deserve. Our experienced trial lawyers can provide you with extraordinary representation, personal service, and successful resolutions. While we know that compensation can never undo permanent losses, the recoveries from these cases can help injured workers and families rebuild their lives. Founded on the principles of justice, honesty, integrity, and service, Greenberg & Walden, LLC is proud to represent injured people and families from across New Jersey in various types of workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Contact our firm to discuss your situation.

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