New Jersey Car Crash Statistics

How often are drunk drivers causing deadly crashes in and around New Jersey?
What about distracted and reckless drivers?

All too often, as the above interactive map shows.

Compiling the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this map shows exactly where and why negligent drivers caused fatal auto accidents in New Jersey in 2010 through 2016. Click on:

• A year (at the top of the map) for the crashes and data associated with that year
• A phrase in the key (at top right corner of the map) to customize the view for certain types of accidents
• A colored icon (on the map) to see the details of a particular accident, including the date and number of fatalities.

Age breakdown bargraphs for contributing factors (2016)

When causing accidents, the negligent actions motorists make can vary dramatically by drivers’ age, as the above bar graph shows.

For drivers 21-34, alcohol impairment is clearly the most prevalent motorist misbehavior. For motorists older than 65, distracted driving is the most common form of negligence that leads to these drivers causing accidents.

As with the previous map, click on the year (at the top of the graph) to see data for that year. On each graph, click on a colored bar to see the exact number of drivers it represents.

While this data is fascinating – and while it may help you avoid high-crash areas in the future, in the blink of an eye, an accident can happen, turning your life upside. If you or a loved one has been hurt in any type of auto crash, don’t hesitate to contact a Jersey City car accident attorney at Greenberg Walden & Grossman

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