As winter approaches, it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is ready for the change in the weather. While the winter months contain some of the most anticipated holidays of the year, they also entail some of the most treacherous driving conditions—particularly if you live in a region that experiences harsh winters.

Winter Check List

If you’re wondering if your vehicle is ready for winter, take a look at our list of critical ‘must-dos.’ As a prominent New Jersey car crash attorney, we understand what it takes to stay safe on the roads.

Check Your Manual

– Each vehicle should have a driver’s manual that outlines the necessary maintenance schedule of the vehicle. You should make sure that your brakes, engine, tires, and other critical components have all undergone the right maintenance schedule for road safety.

Add Fuel De-icer

– If you feel the winter weather coming on, add some fuel deicer to your tank. This can prevent icing issues when the temperature drops below freezing. You should try and do this once a month during the winter.

Purchase an Emergency Pack

– To ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road, it’s a good idea to have an emergency road kit. Having an emergency pack on-hand can help you take care of problems if they arise. A simple first aid kit can go a long way if emergency services are struggling to reach a crash scene.

Check Your Lights, Bulbs, and Batteries

– As winter approaches, the days become shorter, and the skies become cloudier. It’s essential that your lights are working effectively. Make sure to check your bulbs and replace them if they’re dimming. You should also run a battery check to make sure you’re not at risk of being stranded.

Check Your Tire Tread and Upgrade to Winter Tires, if Possible

– You don’t want to slide off the roads, so it’s essential to have your tire tread checked. Make sure you can keep traction while you’re on wet and icy roads. You may also want to speak to your local tire shop about upgrading to winter tires.

Change Your Oil

– As always, you should make sure that your oil levels are appropriate before the winter months begin. While this advice can be taken on year-round, it’s extra important to ensure you have enough oil during the winter.

Don’t Underestimate New Jersey Conditions

If you’ve lived in New Jersey for a few years, you already know how brutal winter can be. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation by lacking awareness in the colder months. Preparation is key.

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