Pros and Cons of Open Adoption in New Jersey

Are you interested in an open adoption? If so, it is important to understand exactly what open adoption entails and what you can expect from the process. Read on to learn more about open adoption in New Jersey.

Open adoption vs closed adoption:

When a parent adopts a child through open adoption, the adoption occurs with the consent of the child’s birth parents. Additionally, the birth parents may maintain some sort of relationship with the child after the adoption is complete. This can be anything from the adoptive parents sending photos and updates about the child every so often, to the biological parents visiting the child. On the other hand, when a closed adoption occurs, the child has no contact with his or her birth parents. Each option has its own set of pros and cons.

Pros of open adoption:

While open adoption can be complicated, it has numerous pros, including:

  • Answers to adoptees’ questions
    • Children often have questions about where they have come from. If you are in touch with the child’s biological parents, it is easier to answer questions about why the adoption occurred, his or her family history, and more.
  • Link to heritage
    • Open adoption may allow the child to find a deeper connection with his or her culture and heritage, which can be extremely beneficial to the child.
  • A wider circle of family
    • This may allow the child to interact with siblings, cousins, and more. Additionally, this offers a large network of support for the adoptive parents.
  • Access to medical information
    • When medical issues occur, it is necessary to understand the patient’s family history. You will have an easier time accessing your child’s biological medical history if you are in touch with his or her birth parents.
  • No need to search
    • Often, children will search for their birth parents once they are of age in an attempt to learn more about themselves. Open adoption limits any frustrating future searches.

Cons of open adoption:

Some of the cons of open adoption include:

  • Possible boundary issues
    • It is important for you and the biological parents to understand the role they will play in the child’s life. For example, they may wish to be more involved than you are comfortable with.
  • Differing expectations
    • Birth parents and adoptive parents may have different expectations when it comes to how a child is being raised, which can lead to butting heads.
  • Conflicting values
    • It is important to make sure both you and the adoptive parents will instill the same values in the child. Otherwise, things can be confusing for the child.
  • Emotional toll
    • Open adoption can take an emotional toll on all parties and can be confusing for a child.

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