Sharing Custody Over the Holidays | What to Know

During the holidays, we tend to surround ourselves with family. For divorced couples who share custody, this can be a difficult time. Often, both parents want to spend the holidays with their kids. So, how do you handle custody during the holiday season? There are a number of ways to handle custody, but every family is different and what works for one family may not work for another. Read on to learn more about the potential ways to share custody around the holidays.

Alternate Years

Many divorced couples who share custody choose to alternate years when it comes to the holidays. So, while your ex may have the kids this year, it will be your turn to celebrate with them next year. Because there is a clear schedule, and everyone knows who has custody far in advance, there is little room for miscommunication.

If it is not your year with the kids, consider partaking in other holiday activities.

Split the Holiday

If you do not want to wait a year for your turn with the kids, you can split the holiday. For example, your ex-spouse can celebrate Christmas Eve with the kids and you can celebrate Christmas morning or vice versa. You may want to spend the night watching your favorite movies with your kids and your ex might want to cook a festive breakfast the next morning.

Change the Date

Holidays fall on specific dates, but there is no reason why that should be the only time to celebrate them. Opening gifts with your kids will be a special occasion no matter what day you do it. So, if your ex has the kids this year, change the date and create some new traditions.

Spend it Together

This is not an option for all divorced couples, but, some couples do continue to spend the holidays together after their divorce. This may be especially doable this year, with a lot of holiday festivities being held remotely. If you think this could be a good option for your family, consider bringing it up with your ex.

If you have any questions about creating a custody agreement or making changes to your current custody arrangement, contact our firm today to discuss your options this holiday season. We are here to help you through all of your family law matters.

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