Should I Avoid Posting on Social Media During My Divorce?

Social media is a great tool to inform your friends and family about major moments in your life. And while you may be tempted to use this platform to update your loved ones on your ongoing divorce proceedings, this would be a grave mistake. To understand why this is, continue reading and see how one of the experienced Hudson County family law attorneys at Greenberg & Walden, LLC can lead you down the right path.

Why must I avoid social media during my divorce proceedings?

It should go without saying that anything you post on your social media can be taken as public information. With this, your spouse and their attorney can easily access your information and used it against you during your divorce proceedings. Even if they use this information out of context or make false accusations, you do not want to give the New Jersey court any reason to disfavor you. Examples of how social media posts can hurt your settlement agreements are as follows:

  • You post about your vacations or any big purchases: your spouse and their attorney can claim that you are financially independent, and therefore, you do not need to receive child support and/or alimony.
  • You post about your partying or drinking with your friends: your spouse and their attorney can claim that you are parentally unfit, and therefore, you should not receive even just partial custody of your child.
  • You post about your new romantic partner: your spouse and your attorney can cite adultery as fault grounds for your divorce. Even if you started dating after your separation from your spouse, the New Jersey court can determine that this caused the dissolution of your marriage, and therefore, they may be less favorable toward you when making their decisions.

What social media tips should I follow during my divorce proceedings?

Below is a list of social media dos and don’ts to follow during your divorce proceedings:

  • Dos:
    • Set all of your social media accounts to private.
    • Decline any new friends or followers.
    • Ask your friends and family to refrain from posting about you.
    • Avoid posting on your social media, deleting posts, or sending private messages.
  • Don’ts:
    • Speak poorly about your spouse on your social media.
    • Post your location.
    • Post about your divorce proceedings.
    • Post about your vacations and/or big purchases.
    • Post about your alcohol and/or drug use.
    • Post about your new romantic relationship.

Additionally, you must be made aware that your private messages and deleted posts can still be retrieved by your spouse and their attorney. In fact, deleting your posts can be seen as an inference of guilt by the New Jersey court.

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