Hudson County Sidewalk Accident Attorneys

Hudson County Sidewalk Accident Attorney

Sidewalk Accident Attorneys in West New York, NJ

When walking on a sidewalk, many people aren’t worried that the conditions of the sidewalk will cause them to become injured. However, when a sidewalk hazard has been left unattended, pedestrians can get hurt and suffer from lifelong consequences. If you have been seriously injured in a sidewalk accident in Hudson County, New Jersey, you need a legal team you can trust. With over 150 years of combined experience, Greenberg & Walden, LLC has proudly served accident victims in an effort to help them recover an award of maximum compensation. For a legal team with the skill and knowledge to hold a property owner accountable for their negligence, contact Greenberg & Walden, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

Who is liable for my accident?

After a pedestrian has been injured on a sidewalk, they may be facing serious injury. An unforeseen serious injury may result in high medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial hardships. In order to bring a lawsuit, one must determine who is responsible for causing your injury. It is much easier to bring a lawsuit against an individual than it is to bring one against a municipality. In New Jersey, injury lawsuits against a municipality are one of the few exceptions from government immunity. In order to bring a case against a municipality, one is subject to the burden of proving:

  • That there was a dangerous condition that created a risk
  • The municipality knew or should have known about the dangerous condition
  • The municipality failed to take measures to fix the dangerous condition within a reasonable period of time
  • The damages would also be recoverable if the liable party was caused by someone other than the municipality

Fulfilling the Burden of Proof

When a person becomes injured because of another party’s negligence in the state of New Jersey, they often decide to bring a claim against the liable party. As stated, there is a burden of proof that one must satisfy in order to bring a successful personal injury case. This is a legal principle that requires the injured party to prove that the owner of the sidewalk knew or should have reasonably known about the dangerous conditions that caused the accident and failed to fix them. If you have been hurt in a sidewalk accident, is important to consult with an experienced attorney that can provide assistance in finding proof of negligence. This can be done by taking pictures of the hazards, recovering surveillance footage, obtaining witness testimony, and preserving all medical records.

Contact a West New York Accident Attorney

Have you been seriously injured in a New Jersey sidewalk accident? If so, the legal team at Greenberg & Walden, LLC is here to help. Since 1956, our firm has provided clients with personalized and compassionate legal guidance when they need it most. We have the skill it takes to explore all options and recover the compensation you deserve. Contact Greenberg & Walden, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

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