What Strategies Can Help with a Divorce from a Narcissist?

Read on to discover the best strategies to get through a divorce from a narcissist and how one of the seasoned Hudson County family law attorneys at Greenberg & Walden, LLC, can protect you throughout this process.

What are the common traits of a narcissist?

By definition, a narcissist is a person with extreme self-involvement to the point where they disregard others around them. That said, your spouse may be considered a narcissist if they possess the following traits:

  • They express emotionally manipulative behavior.
  • They enjoy creating or participating in environments of conflict.
  • They carry a sense of entitlement.
  • They constantly need admiration from others.
  • They view everyone else as inferior.
  • They lack empathy for others.

With what strategies can I get through a divorce from a narcissist?

With the aforementioned traits, your narcissistic spouse can turn the courtroom into a battlefield. This is why you must know how to handle this personality type so that the proceedings do not get out of your control.

One strategy that can make this achievable is by being accepting of your situation. You have no control over fixing your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies. And there is only so much you can do to be amicable with your spouse throughout this process. The only thing you can control is how you act, so you should focus all your energy toward producing the best divorce outcome possible.

Secondly, in your free time, you should read books about narcissism to fully understand how your spouse operates and how to best interact with them. If not, you should talk to a therapist who is well-trained in this area.

And last but not least, you must remain neutral whenever in the presence of your spouse. As a reminder, your spouse seeks to have emotional control over you. They will likely try to get your attention by sending disturbing messages, speaking poorly about you in front of your child, or claiming false statements against you in court. However, you cannot give them any satisfaction by reacting with emotion. Instead, you must remain calm and disengaged.

How can a family law attorney help me get through a divorce from a narcissist?

When getting a divorce from a narcissist, litigation is likely your only option. However, as a reminder, your narcissistic spouse will likely enjoy the environment of conflict that litigation holds. So, it is important to retain the services of a competent attorney who can protect you from this. If not, your divorce proceedings can turn into a drawn-out, expensive, and overall emotionally draining process.

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