What to Know About Child Relocation in New Jersey?

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Child relocation is a very complex matter. As a result, it is important to fully understand the process. Read on for more information about relocating out of state with your child after a New Jersey divorce.

How is relocation determined?

If you and your ex share custody of your child, you will need the permission of your ex to relocate. If your ex does not give permission, you will need to go through the court. When making a decision about relocation, the court will consider some of the following factors: 

  • Whether you are moving to live with a new spouse
  • Whether you are now pursuing higher education or a new job
  • Whether you are moving to significantly improve the quality of your family’s life
  • Whether you are moving to keep your child or family safe
  • Whether you need dire medical treatment
  • Whether you wish to move closer to your extended family
  • Whether your child has a preference, if he or she is mature enough to make that decision
  • Your reasoning for the move, or your former spouse’s reasoning for opposing the move
  • Whether your former spouse is capable of relocating as well
  • The opportunities available for your child in the new location
  • How the move will overall affect the quality of your child’s life

What if I leave the state without permission from the court?

Attempting to move out of state with your child, without permission from your ex or the court, will result in serious consequences. For example, you may face criminal charges for child endangerment and even kidnapping. This can also cause you to lose custody, which can be devastating for both you and your child.

If you wish to move out of state with your child, it is important to go through the proper channels. This will mean working with an experienced and dedicated family law attorney. An attorney can mediate discussions about relocation between you and your ex. Additionally, an attorney can help you prove that relocation is necessary and beneficial for your child. Our firm is here to advocate for you. Reach out today to discuss your options with a skilled attorney.

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