Why Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?

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The traditional, litigated divorce process has a reputation for being financially and emotionally costly. But, in this day in age, there are alternative methods where this is not the case. Continue reading to learn whether you should undergo the mediated divorce route and how one of the experienced Hudson County family law attorneys at Greenberg & Wallen, LLC, can serve as your divorce mediator.

What is a divorce mediator?

A divorce mediator is an unbiased third party whose role is to facilitate the finalization of divorce via voluntary negotiations and agreements. That is, they will promote communication so that each party’s best interest is considered. More specifically, a mediator will hold the following responsibilities:

  • They will coordinate meeting times that work best for the couple.
  • They will ensure that the couple is there voluntarily and that they will start or stop as they please.
  • They will remain neutral during negotiations but step in when conflicts arise.
  • They will use problem-solving skills until an agreement is reached between the couple.

Under what circumstances should I hire a divorce mediator?

While mediation is considered a positive alternative method of divorce, this is only the case if the couple is agreeable from the get-go. That is, a couple should only hire a divorce mediator if they have some sort of will to compromise and have similar views on how to settle divorce-related terms such as alimony, child custody, child support, and property distribution. This is because if even one divorce-related term cannot reach a resolution, then litigation will be necessary.

In addition, a couple should hire a divorce mediator if they would like to remain amicable at the finalization of their divorce. This is especially the case if they share a minor child together.

What are the other benefits of mediation?

As insinuated above, mediation avoids the high financial and emotional costs that come with litigation. It also protects minor children from witnessing parental conflict. And because this process allows couples to reach their own agreements, they are often more satisfied with their divorce terms than if they were to go to trial. All in all, this practice lets couples learn how to best resolve any future conflicts they may face.

Below are some additional benefits of mediation:

  • The environment is relaxed.
  • The process is voluntary, so the couple will be able to make decisions at their own pace.
  • The conversations are kept confidential and outside of the court system.
  • The decisions are fully in the couple’s control and not in that of a judge.

If you are wondering whether mediation is the best route for you and your former spouse, then reach out to one of our skilled New Jersey family law attorneys today. While a mediator does not necessarily have to be an attorney, we recommend that you retain our services, as we have much experience in family law and mediation proceedings. Call us today.

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