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Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – including the places you regularly visit. While various factors can cause accidents and injuries on other people’s properties, sometimes, these accidents can be the result of preventable negligence and dangerous premises.

When this happens, injured people – and families who have lost a loved one to deadly accidents – will have legal options for financial recovery and justice.

At Greenberg, Walden & Grossman, LLC, we represent those who have suffered injuries on other people’s properties. If you or a loved one has been hurt at another party’s property, our Jersey City premises liability attorneys can explain your legal options and provide you with exceptional representation in the pursuit of recovery and justice.

The answers and advice you receive in a free consultation can help you understand your rights, protect your potential claim and know what to anticipate as you move forward. If you are unable to visit our office, we can travel to your location. We also offer Saturday appointments (upon request).

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What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to a legal precept holding that property owners (and possibly others) can be liable for the accidents and injuries that occur on their property. Generally, this can pertain to any incidents caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain the property or failure to warn visitors about known dangers on the property.

Please note that there will typically not be grounds for a premises liability case if or when:

  • Trespassing is involved. The injured party must have had permission to be present at the property.
  • The accidents or injuries were the direct result of the injured person’s own reckless or negligent behaviors (like, for instance, ignoring warning signs or entering closed off portions of a property).

What Are Common Types of Premises Liability Cases?

Premises liability cases can include claims pertaining (but not restricted) to:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents, including those caused by failures to remove ice and snow, dangerous food spills on slick supermarket and restaurant floors, etc.
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks outside of a home or business
  • Falls down stairs caused by inadequate upkeep or failure to comply with building codes
  • Exposure to toxic mold or other toxic substances at residential or commercial properties
  • Negligent security that leads to an attack or assault
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Collapsing stage, balcony and/or skylight accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Falling merchandise accidents
  • Dog bites or other animal attacks caused by unrestrained animals
  • Ride and attraction accidents, like those occurring at fairs, amusement parks, etc.

At Greenberg, Walden & Grossman, LLC, our lawyers handle all types of premises liability cases, including those with private parties and/or government entities as defendants.

What Should I Do after an Accident on Someone Else’s Property?

The most immediate concern should be getting medical attention, especially in the case of serious accidents and injuries. If possible, it is also advised that you do the following after an accident on someone else’s property:

  1. Take pictures of the accident scene and any visible injuries or damage.
  2. Report the accident to the owner, manager, landlord or other on-site authority.
  3. Follow doctors’ orders and get all prescribed treatments.
  4. If an insurance company contacts you regarding the incident, only explain the facts, and never accept blame.
  5. Contact Greenberg, Walden & Grossman, LLC for a free consultation.

Our premises liability lawyers can guide you through every phase of your case, working closely with you to help you meet your needs, achieve your objectives and bring your case to a favorable outcome.

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