Santiago Vazquez

"Words cannot express the quality of work exerted at all times by Mr. Walden, and his most capable staff. They share your pain and defend your interests. This becomes evident, as you witness the personal, and detailed manner in which all matters relating to your case are approached and handled."- Santiago Vazquez

John Sgarlat

"Great attorneys! Mr. Walden handled my case, and he did a fantastic job. He fought hard, kept me well informed throughout the process, and achieved a very satisfactory result. The office staff was also a pleasure to work with. This is a thoughtful and diligent firm. I would definitely use Mr. Walden again and will recommend Greenberg & Walden to any friends or family, should they require counsel in the future."- John Sgarlat

Rochdi Anir

"Miss Marry Ann did a great job on my case. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I am satisfied 100% with her service and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney. Thanks Marry Ann for all the hard work you did on My case."- Rochdi Anir

Cynthia Wilson

"I would like to say that Maryann is the best lawyer I ever spoke with they really did an outstanding job on my case I am very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs an attorney. I had other issues also and they help me out with that also they bought tears to my eyes and they came through for me when I really need them I just wanna say thanks a lot to Maryann and her hold staff."- Cynthia Wilson

Christine Escobar

"Great team! Awesome to work with. I highly recommend."- Christine Escobar

Elizabeth Carrasco

"I am very satisfied with the results from my case, Mr. Walden did a fantastic job handling my case. He kept me well informed through mail and phone calls of every step my case was taking. If it wasn't for his recommendations and information given, I may have made some sporadic decisions that wouldn't have benefited me through the process. His staff is so very helpful as well, and it's a plus they are bilingual; since there were some terms I wouldn't understand as a Spanish-speaking client."- Elizabeth Carrasco

Ra Zen

"I was recommended to Walden by a friend Walden is representing. I gave Walden my case after I took it from another Law Firm. I am more than pleased that I did! Walden did an outstanding job and worked hard to get me money after the other firm said I had no case! The entire staff was so friendly and professional. 🙂 I heartily recommend this firm to anyone! Thank you,Walden!!!!!! ❤️"- Ra Zen

Precise and on point

"Precise, on point, in time and top quality. Completely love the ardour exhibited in each work."- Felton O.

Astonishingly experienced!

"I am stunned. Astonishingly experienced at their task. Would not believe my mind; even the fees are so practical."- Walton K.

Very professional attorneys

"Very professional attorneys covering all legal matters. Slightly expensive but good value for your money. Limited parking available behind the office."- Arnab S.


"Intense. Dedicated. And shows the pure element of dedication."- Steve C.

Great Service and Knowledgeable

"If you are looking to protect your best interest and a Law Firm that will have all your bases covered. Then this is without a shout of a doubt the place to go and seek counsel. They solve problems and put you at ease. It is no wonder why they have been around for so many years. "Great Service and Knowledge". Highly recommend."- L Perez

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