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Divorce is seldom a simple process. Each step of the way brings up complex issues and emotions. Unfortunately, it is usually the children who are impacted most. Child support agreements can take a long time to work out. Various lifestyle changes can take place for the child. The goal is always to minimize the impact on the child while maximizing the child’s well-being. Both parents are financially responsible for the children, even when born out of wedlock. When disagreements arise, the case can get tricky very fast. That is why it is best to seek legal counsel. In order to help our children receive the best possible outcome, you may want to rely on the experience of a family law attorney. Contact our Hudson County Child Support Attorneys to schedule your consultation.

What is the process?

When two individuals cannot agree on support terms, a judge will do so for them. The parents enter into litigation. There are New Jersey Child Support Guidelines that act to determine the outcome of each case. There are a large number of additional considerations that are factored into the final decision. An experienced attorney will help you and your children get what you deserve. Sometimes during the divorce process, the guidelines might not apply. There are individual cases when additional information is considered. The courts look at any prior or current custody agreements, specific needs of your child, the health and age of the child, your health, any special medical conditions, the child’s educational status or goals, the standard of living, debts, and income.

When does child support end?

Child support agreements may feel life-long. But, children do grow up quickly. When it comes to legally obligated child support payments, there is an end date. It used to be that NJ child support ended at the age of 18. Since 2017, Child support must be provided up to at least 19 years old. At this time, the child may be considered emancipated by the state of New Jersey. This assumes that the child has graduated high school and is able to work and live independently.

Are there any exceptions made that extend child support?

Sometimes child support obligations continue. If the child wishes to pursue higher education, they will most likely not be emancipated until they graduate from that college or trade school. The college education itself will also become a potential financial obligation. The court will look at various factors to determine whether parents are legally obligated to contribute to college tuition and other fees.

Child support is a very complex matter. If you are seeking child support payments in New Jersey, contact our child support attorneys today to find out how we may support you.

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